See how Maidstone is being regenerated for the better!

Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) is inviting residents to view the planned improvements for the town as part of their Public Realm Project (phase three). Residents of Maidstone will be able to view the proposed designs during a six week consultation and engagement period.

The areas targeted for regeneration include Week Street and Maidstone East Station up to Jubilee Square. Improvements will continue through Gabriel’s Hill, into Lower Stone Street and will finish at the junction with Palace Avenue, outside Gala Bingo.

A significant change will be the creation of a level surface throughout the areas, giving a more pedestrian feel. The designs also show a timeline running the entire length of the street, marking key points in Maidstone’s history. 

The overarching vision and designs draw upon the rich heritage of Maidstone, incorporating ‘ squares’ at key junctions along the roads to link with side roads.

An example of this is  the junction with St Faith’s Street, Iguanodon Square,  which has been designed to create a link to Maidstone Museum and to remind visitors that an iguanodon skeleton was found in the borough.

As part of the consultation process MBC will speak with identified stakeholders about the specific details of the project.

There will also be a stand in the town centre on Thursday 15th June  and Saturday 17th June to give members of the public an opportunity to see the designs.  All businesses affected along the project route will be leafleted to ensure they are kept up to date with all developments

Once feedback has been received, detailed designs will be produced and then the work will be put out to tender. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2018.

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